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General health and safety course (ENGLISH COURSE)- Weekends

28 septembre @ 8h00 - 6 octobre @ 16h00


September 28, 29 / October 5, 6 2024 (English Course)
From 8:00 to 4:00 pm.

Remaining places: 25

Under article 2.4.2.i of the construction industry Safety Code, the General health and safety on construction sites course (GHSCS)is compulsory for any person working mainly and usually on a construction site. This person must hold the certificate (card) awarded by the ASP Construction.

Who’s eligible to take the course:

People who want to work in the construction sector;
Be 16 years of age and over;
People with a good understanding of English.

Course objectives:

-Identify the risks of accidents and occupational diseases on construction sites;
-Present the various regulations in force according to the risks present on construction sites (Health and Safety Act, Health and Safety Regulations and Construction sites Safety Code);
-Identify the risks associated with hazardous materials and identify the WHMIS hazardous materials categories.


The duration of the training is 4 days which are spread over 2 weekends.

Final exam

Since December 1st, 2019, following a regulatory change (article 2.4.2 i) in the Safety Code, it has become mandatory to pass an exam in order to receive certification for the SSGCC course henceforth. The learner will only be able to take the exam if they have previously completed the 19 modules.

**Please ensure that you have in your possession one piece of identification with photo during the exam.

The passing grade is 60% and you will have 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete this exam.

Should the learner fail the exam, they will be allowed two retakes. The date of the exam retake will be confirmed to them in the following days. You will have up until one (1) year as of the start date of your course to succeed. Should the learner fail both of their retakes, they will have to retake the full SSGCC course, including the final exam, and repay the registration fees of $200.

With regard to the learners having special needs, the organization can also allow certain support measures (at the expense of the learner). It may be possible to carry out the final exam under surveillance in an isolated space or allow an additional period of time to the learners who struggle with concentration and reading. This request must be made immediately after your registration by contacting Fatou Ba at 514-723-6555.


Début :
28 septembre @ 8h00
Fin :
6 octobre @ 16h00
Prix :
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INTER’s office – Entrance through the backdoor
7955 Boulevard Louis-H. La Fontaine
Anjou, H1K 4E4 Canada